[Upcoming exhibition]_”Set. ” ArtScience Preview Show

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Coming Friday I will be participating in the opening of the exhibition "Set.", presenting a first version of my graduation project for my master's degree at the ArtScience Interfaculty.



[  Nine sets set into place.

Set, a mathematic notion, a musical notion, a collection of distinct objects.
Set, a bunch, a collection of compiled differences.
Set, something to start in motion or to become solidified.

Set relates to the aspect of putting differences together, both physically and virtually. Placing objects or concepts into sets is a tool to make sense of the world. We break with these categories and re-set their elements, creating worlds that exist beyond these categories and that in turn can shape our world as it is.


11-13 May
The Grey Space in the Middle (Paviljoensgracht 20, Den Haag)
Fri. Opening: 19:30
Sat. & Sun.: 10:00-17:00

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Jan Boudestijn, Maarten Brijker, Nele Brökelmann, Koen de Groot, Leandros Ntolas, Veerle Pennock, John Sandli, June Yu, Manuel Beltrán  ]