Leandros Ntolas (b. 1992) is an artist from Greece, currently based in the Hague. He holds a BFA(hons) in Sculpture, from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2015) and an MMus in ArtScience, from the ArtScience Interfaculty, Royal Academy of Arts The Hague (2018). Ntolas has been active in the field of art in public space and has exhibited works in Greece and the Netherlands. He has been awarded the Stipend for Emerging Artists, by the Mondrian Fund (2019) and his work has been supported by organisations as Stroom Den Haag and Outset NL. Since 2019 he has been teaching as a guest teacher at the ArtScience Interfaculty in the Hague.



Brief description of practice

The artistic practice of Ntolas can be defined as multidisciplinary and pluralistic, in the sense that it doesn’t limit itself to one medium, direction or approach, but embraces the freedom to traverse a multitude of creative paths following its curiosity and intuition. The common thread of this free-roaming practice is a phenomenological and experimental approach combined with research into diverse fields ranging from the study of light, optics and perception, to philosophy, architecture, history of religion and metaphysics. Past outcomes have manifested as works in public space, drawings, sculptures, light installations, and architectural models. Future ones may or may not include the above, plus writing, video works and indie video games.