Rotating Panorama // ‘Bos’, 2021

as exhibited in 2021 at the exhibition 'Young & Emerging' at Museum Villa Mondriaan


'Rotating Panorama // Bos' is an immersive video installation, taking as its point of departure the early painting of Piet Mondriaan (‘Bos’, 1898-1899). On the interior of a circular screen of 4m diameter, resembling a panorama as the Panorama Mesdag in the Hague, a video image is projected which keeps rotating perpetually at a slow pace. This rotating projected image becomes a ‘window’ to an external environment; this of a forest. During a duration of 10 minutes this forest gradually changes and turns into an abstracted landscape.

visual programming: Zois Loumakis

sound design: Kyriakos Charalampides


created with the financial support of Stroom Den Haag