On Perceptual Pluralism | how individuals exist in unique perceptual realities

M. Mus Thesis
ArtScience Interfaculty,
Royal Academy of Arts & Royal Conservatory, The Hague

The Hague, 2018



The senses provide us with direct awareness of the world as it is. We open our eyes, and there it all is, detailed, continuous and gap free. Every sane person shares the same perceptual experience of being in the world with everyone else.

Or not? Building upon contemporary theories of perception and cognition, I argue that people exist and function in unique perceptual realities. I analyse in what ways these realities differ, by explaining how perception is an active process–an action we do–and how knowledge affects perception. Furthermore I investigate the initial construction of these perceptual realities, their potential to shift and change during one's lifetime, and finally, how art can act as a facilitator of such shifts.


Download pdf here: [Leandros Ntolas]_On Perceptual Pluralism