“The Dragonlake Legend”, 2014

"The Dragonlake legend", 2014,

Tsepelovo, Zagori

marble,  170cm x 80cm x 90cm

This sculpture is installed in the central square of the village Tsepelovo and aims to depict a local folk legend concerning two alpine lakes of the region, called "Dragonlakes"(greek name: Drakolimnes). According to the legend, in the Dragonlakes of the mountaintops Smolikas and Tymfi, two Dragons lived. The Dragons had rivalry between them and each time they got angry they threw rocks at each other. The legend explains, according to the locals, why the shores of the one lake are of white color with scattered black rocks while the banks of the other lake are black with scattered white stones. This work therefore is a sculptural depiction of this legend. At the crown of the composition, there is a representation of the landscape of one of the lakes on small scale, while underneath, two dragon heads emerge out of the marble and wrap around the main body of the sculpture. The conception and creation of this work posed particular difficulties, because of the unique character of the location it was made for. It had to be prepared and implemented taking into account the traditional character and unique aesthetic of the village and wider region, with respect and humility, so as to not act as an alien element and disturb, but instead to merge visually with the surroundings and have a thematic connection with the local tradition and folk culture.