“Cloud of Rising Smoke”, 2012

"Cloud of Rising Smoke",  2012

Ptolemaida, Greece

height 1,50m

This sculpture was created under the scope of the 1st Sculpture Symposium of Ptolemaida, in July 2012 and was organized by the Municipality of Eordaia. Participating artists were three Greek and two Italian sculptors. The Symposium’s subject was “Energy”, a subject that is directly related to the history and daily life of Ptolemaida and the region, due to the existence of power plants that have contributed greatly to the development of the area and its economy, while providing jobs and economical growth to the local residents. The drawback of this situation is that because of the extraction of lignite which is necessary for the energy production, the atmosphere of the region has become extremely unhealthy to live in, causing over time to a large part of the population respiratory problems and cancer.  This dipole of life and death is what is addressed with this sculpture, something that the locals can relate to, because it depicts a familiar image, a cloud of rising smoke, like those that one can see coming out of the stacks of the power plants. A form which progresses upwardly in space, almost in a threatening way, full of energy and life, but also death.