Architectural Works

Concept architectural works currently under development, that propose new ways of perceiving natural images or phenomena.


-I like the sky and the sky likes me  || an underground camera obscura space, where the image of the sky is reflected on a mirror surface and projected on the ceiling of the dome

-Axis Mundi Temple  || a dark, ganzfeld space, where the only element to be perceived at the centre of the space, stable and singular, is a vertical light column created using only natural light and haze

-SunPath Dome || a domed space dedicated to the path of the sun on the sky during two days of the year, the winter and the summer solstice

-Slit Bunker  || a one-person building/observatory with a very narrow vertical opening, where one is able to perceive the sky in a different way

-Horizon Bunker (horizon my one and only)  || an architectural space,  homage to the horizon

I like the sky and the sky likes me