Architectural Works

This is a series of concept architectural works currently being developed, which came to be as an outcome of my research on the use of light in sacred architecture and on the field of archaeoastronomy. What also feeds this kind of works, are my thoughts and observations on how ones perceives the natural world around us, and more specifically light and color in nature. It should be noted that a great source of inspiration has been the works of utopic architecture, such as the work of Étienne-Louis Boullée, and the work of contemporary artists who deal with similar ideas and artforms, with most notable the work of the American artist James Turrell.   

Although referred to here as 'concept', these spaces are designed with the intention that one day they could be realised. Some of them have greater technical difficulties, mostly because more or less complicated optical design solutions are needed in order for the desired result to be achieved.

The series currently consists of five architectural designs, of which four still in development. One of them, SkyDome has been more thoroughly designed and is presented through the link below, with the rest to follow soon.


-SkyDome  || an underground camera obscura space, where the image of the sky is reflected on a mirror surface and projected on the ceiling of the dome

-Axis Mundi Temple  || a dark, ganzfeld space, where the only element to be perceived at the centre of the space, stable and singular, is a vertical light column created using only natural light and haze

-SunPath Dome || a domed space dedicated to the path of the sun on the sky during two days of the year, the winter and the summer solstice

-Slit Bunker  || a one-person building/observatory with a very narrow vertical opening, where one is able to perceive the sky in a different way

-Horizon Bunker  || an architectural space,  homage to the horizon


leandros ntolas_2017_SkyDome_0071